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Mental Health Resources

Concurrent Disorders Skills and Support Group 

This support group welcomes individuals at all stages of wellness and recovery. Participants learn a combination of stages of change theory, solution-focused approach and Dialectal Behavioural Therapy to aid in their recovery and wellness. 

Meditation in a group setting. Various meditation techniques will be taught and practiced in this welcoming group setting. 

This education and support group is intended to help participants learn about mental illness and addiction issues, develop skills to help deal with the impact on family and friends, and collaborate with the individuals and treatment providers to find the best support options. This group is 8-weeks long and is run in partnership with Woodstock General Hospital Mental Health Services. 

Peer Support is a unique and valuable service that improves the lives of individuals living with mental health needs and/or challenges related to addictions. Peer support helps individuals navigate the health system, locate and access community resources, and find their personal path to wellness. 

Provides immediate access to counselling services in safe and accessible community spaces. This service is designed to help support individuals waiting for ongoing support or treatment. 

Goal-oriented, client-directed service that helps individuals experiencing ongoing mental health difficulties reach a state of wellness and stability. With the help of a Case Manager, individuals develop their own personal recovery plan and work on their goals for three to six months. This program helps individuals stabilize symptoms of mental illness and aids individuals on their personal recovery journey. 

This program offers periodic mental health support. Individuals meet with a Case Manager three to four times per year on an as-needed basis. 

Reach Out is an information, support and crisis service for people with mental health or addiction concerns living in Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex or London. It is a free public service, run by trusted local organizations, that quickly connects you with the help that you need.

Provides immediate therapeutic care for individuals seeking support for their mental health. In a single session, individuals can address their immediate concerns with a trained healthcare professional, who will help individuals explore and understand their problems and assist in forming solutions. Attending a walk-in session does not sign the individual up for counselling, but rather helps to address their immediate concerns. Together, the individual and the counsellor will form a treatment plan. 

Further addresses an individual's presenting mental health issue through up to three brief, solution-focused sessions. Depending on the outcome of these sessions, patients may be referred to other supports by their counsellor. The goal of brief therapy is to begin to dissolve the patient's issue by noticing and identifying strengths. Brief counselling helps to connect patients with the appropriate services and resources needed to help improve their overall wellbeing and functioning. 

Group and individual therapy sessions promote stabilization and necessary ongoing care, treatment, and transition for individuals experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues or concerns. 

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