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Mental Health Resources

An open and casual drop-in discussion group to create a safe and confidential space where LGBT2Q+ and questioning individuals can share, engage, and discuss issues affecting their lives including coming out to friends, family, neighbours and co-workers. Professionally facilitated.

One-on-one support and encouragement for "living well" with a serious mental illness. Case Management services are generally offered for 4-6 months. A relationship with a Case Manager is a voluntary partnership where the individual identifies areas of need and together, the individual and the Case Manager develop a plan to reach the individual's goals.

A four-week group that teaches new problem solving skills through use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills.

In an individual or group setting, counsellors will help individuals experiencing symptoms of mental health stress learn skills for coping with personal crisis and creating positive change in their life. 

Walk-in crisis support. A crisis worker will meet with the individual seeking support, conduct an assessment, and provide options to get help. 

A database providing information about local therapists, information on mental health, personality disorders, relationships, family life, and personal growth.

This program aims to teach new skills that create a life worth living. Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is a combination of cognitive behavioural approaches and meditation practices. This program is held in a group setting. 

Provides tools necessary to help support the recovery process of a loved one. Participants learn about mental illness, coping strategies, and community supports for both themselves and their loved one struggling with their mental health. Services provided include group education sessions, peer support meetings, and skills coaching from a mental health professional. All participants must first attend a full day foundation session called "Empowered Carers" before attending any other events.  

This service provides information about mental health and addictions, assists with referrals to CMHA and other community-based services, helps with completion of forms and paperwork, and the interpretation of information upon request. 

Walk-in support that provides information, answers questions about mental health, and connects individuals with additional services at CMHA Middlesex or other community services. 

A warm, welcoming environment where individuals can receive walk-in support if they are experiencing a mental health or addictions crisis. Services include assessment and supportive counselling for the immediate crisis and referral to other services for on-going, non-crisis issues. 

A group session that helps individuals learn hands-on basic mindfulness techniques to use in their daily lives. 

This program connects an individual (peer) living with a mental health need and/or addiction challenge to  another person (peer supporter) who has experienced similar challenges and has walked through their own recovery process. The lived experience of the peer supporter can give the peer a personal perspective on finding and maintaining recovery. 

This community clinic works to enable prevention, stabilization, and treatment of mental disorders.

This service provides confidential listening and support to individuals feeling anxious, depressed, lonely, overwhelmed, or simply in need of someone to talk something through with. The Support Line offers help to individuals experiencing distress. Reasons for calling could include:
- A change in your mental health
- A recent diagnosis of a mental illness or addiction
- Feeling lonely or isolated
- Experiencing emotional or physical pain 
- Grieving the loss of a loved one
- Feeling fearful
- Recovering from an addiction
- Experiencing a high level of stress following a recent event
- Concerned about the well-being of a loved one
- If you are having a bad day, and need a friendly, supportive ear

The Mother Reach support group provides pregnant individuals and new parents access to resources and information on Perinatal Mood disorders, allows them to connect with other moms having similar experiences, access peer and professional support and feel emotionally supported during pregnancy and postpartum.

DAYA Counselling provides a safe space to help clients address mental health issues that include depression, anxiety, addictions, current and/or historical abuse/trauma, interpersonal/family conflict, adjustment, loss, transition and complicated grief. Counselling sessions can be individual or family sessions.

Offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention over the phone or online chat. 

Experienced and culturally competent Help Line counsellors can help if you want to talk, are distressed, have strong emotional reactions, are triggered by painful memories, want to find other wellness supports nearby.

Individual, couple, and family counselling can help with a variety of issues, including relationship difficulties, parenting challenges, experiences of trauma and abuse, anxiety and depression, family stressors, adjustments to separation, divorce and blended families, grief, and loss.

Depending on your situation and needs, counselling services can support you in:
- Finding different ways to cope with your stressors
- Developing different options in solving the problems you are experiencing
- Learning how to improve your relationships and connections to others
- Obtaining information and accessing resources that can help you

Therapy is provided in a group setting and connections to community supports are established. Support through the Day Treatment Program is client-centered, evidence-based, and goal-oriented. A variety of outpatient programs will aid in the recovery process. 

The main mode of treatment is group psychotherapy. Introductory sessions provide information about the general process and demands of psychotherapy and help patients choose a therapy that best suits their needs. At the end of the introductory sessions, if it is determined that a patient would benefit from other treatment forms, the patient will be referred to that treatment type.

Provides acute, time-limited care focused on helping individuals manage symptoms of major anxiety disorders, major depression, and/or bipolar mood disorder and help prevent relapse. 

Phone support line for individuals experiencing postpartum depression.

Provides timely mental health assessments, diagnoses, and recommendations for treatment. Patients may be referred to additional hospital programs and/or community resources.

Lifted Up is a support program for grandparents who are helping to raise their grandchildren. It focuses on giving support to grandparents during a challenging time, financial stresses, learning coping strategies, attachment issues, and custody issues.

Post Abortion Grief Support is a program aimed to assist those who have had an abortion and those who have been associated with the abortion. We provide individualized support and care. Grief is a journey where every step is different from someone else’s. While many women and men feel a sense of relief after an abortion, some experience strong negative emotions. Some of these negative emotions may be immediate, or years later. The LPFSC is here to help restore hope and resolve these negative emotions through individualized support.

You may not identify as having anxiety or depression, but you know that things are not how you would like them to be.  You take care of everyone else and often, there's very little left for you at the end of the day.  It can be hard to balance taking care of your family, having a career and not lose yourself in the process. Let's work together to put you back on your own priority list without feeling guilty.

We work with you and your partner to understand what you both need from this relationship. We work to understand the old patterns that aren't working any more and how to create new patterns that feel good to both of you. We help to resolve difficulties with communication, lack of intimacy, infidelity, coping with transitions like having a baby, and resolving feeling the lack of "spark." 

These counselling sessions are designed for all types of grief an individual may be feeling. No matter what you’re feeling, there is nothing wrong with you. Grief is a healthy and logical response to losses so big that they shake our entire lives. The pain can’t be fought, or buried, or left behind – the only way out is through.

Our counselling service helps people who are facing a broad range of issues such as coming out, sexual orientation and gender identity, isolation, discrimination, relationship issues, parenting, transitioning, self-esteem and violence.

This program work with new moms who are struggling with many of these issues of postpartum depression, anxiety, and the challenged of being a new parent.  Motherhood can be very challenging, especially when we don't have realistic expectations of ourselves.  We will work together to understand your own expectations, figure out if they are realistic and make changes that work for you.  This is a time when you need support and a safe environment to discuss those feelings. 

The Mental Health Support Program provides wholistic and culture-based supports which are responsive to the needs of mental health issues and addictions for Urban Indigenous individuals and families. This program implements trauma-informed and strengths-based cultural approaches to address community-based mental health and well-being concerns.

This 4-week skills group will teach you coping skills to better manage your emotions; tolerate day-to-day stressors and life events when anxiety is high; and better navigate relationships. This skills group is especially helpful for women struggling with depression or anxiety symptoms and/or difficulty managing feelings of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, worry, fear, irritability, and anger. We will teach coping skills needed to manage the transition into parenthood and beyond, conflicts that arise in relationships, and how to negotiate the ongoing practice of self care as a mother.

Rebirth offers specialized virtual and in-person counselling services to individuals and couples navigating the realities of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and life with baby. It’s a safe and compassionate space to talk, cry, be angry, and share those thoughts and feelings you feel you can’t. 

Reach Out is an information, support and crisis service for people with mental health or addiction concerns living in Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex or London.  It is a free public service, run by trusted local organizations, that quickly connects you with the help that you need.

Provides psychiatric care to patients via a two-way videoconferencing system. Care under this service is provided by Dr. Chandrasena and Fairbairn and Nurse Practitioner Lisa Plank via that Ontario Telemedicine Network. 

This individual support connects families with a volunteer who is as closely matched to the family’s circumstances as possible, and often can be someone who lives in the same community. Phone support volunteers have gone through similar experiences as and can provide support and an avenue for grieving parents to express, manage and understand their grief.

Support group led by trained volunteers with first-hand experience to help parents and family members manage their grief following a loss of pregnancy or the death of a child. 

The Talk 4 Healing Helpline is a culturally grounded, fully confidential helpline and live chat. Provides help, support, and resources, fully grounded in Indigenous culture, wisdom, and tradition.

Vanier Child and Family Therapists provide consultation regarding infants emotional needs and factors impacts brain development, single session therapy offered to the parent or the parent and child together, and hands-on practical "in the moment" role modelling for families. 

WAYS Mental Health Support, Vanier Children’s Services, and Craigwood Youth Services collectively provide crisis support over the telephone for children ages 0-18 and their families.

This program provides multiple services as listed below: 
- Counselling and mental health support
- Short term crisis support and harm reduction counselling
- Promotion of healthy coping skills 
- Help obtaining food, shelter and clothing
- Advocacy and referrals to community services
- Access to the WD Sutton Alternative School Program Residential
- Access to groups for youth and Supper Club for current and past WAYS clients

Women's Rural Resource Centre has a 24/7 number individuals can call if they are in any kind of crisis, or just need to talk through their options. A team member will be available to discuss the individual's immediate needs. Information is always kept confidential and safe.

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